God has bestowed the District with vast water resources which exist in the form of glaciers, high altitude lakes, Nallahs, springs, water logged bodies, sars etc.. These water resources possess huge potential for the development of fish and fisheries. These water bodies if managed on scientific lines will boost economy of the state. It is to mention here that 65% fish production comes from the famous Wular lake alone which is regarded as the fish bowl. The fisheries department has since long been engaged in the process of development of these water resources by way of stocking them with fast growing and highly disease resistant species of fish. Also department does the work of watch and ward of these resources to exploit them judiciously to conserve its gen pool for upcoming generation. 2256 fishermen are registered with the department in District Bandipora who derive their livelihood from these water resources. Almost 1800 to 2500 tones of fish are captured from these water resources by these fishermen to make them available for human consumption.

In addition to the above, scenic and singing trout streams namely, Arin, Madhumathi in Bandipora and Kishanganga in Gurez area promote adventure tourism by accommodating sport fish lovers who came from far-off areas to enjoy the sport fishing in these torrential trout streams thus creating a resource of income for some people who are affiliated with the business, and also boost the economy of the state. Besides the above activities to increase the Fish Production the department has surveyed and selected some feasible sites, where Fish Farms has been established. So far three trout rearing units one each at Shokbaba, Guzerbal and Wanpora Gureez have been established having production capacity of 140.00 Quintals . Apart from this PEN culture at Trigam Sumbal have also been established which is being auctioned on yearly basis. Moreover the department has ventured in Private sector by providing carp and trout units to educated unemployed youth at 100% subsidy under different scheme. In addition to this the department provides them all sorts of technical assistance, seed, feed, etc. So far 42 nos. Of carp units and 16 nos. Of Trout units have been established in the private sector, besides increases in the fish production the department is providing self employment to the general public of District.

During the financial year 2016-17 production of 18372.70 Qtls. have been achieved by the department excluding auction of sars.. During the current financial year the department is having a Target of construction of 02 trout and 02 carp units under the scheme RKVY in Pvt. Sector. More over a new scheme ( Blue Revolution) has been introduced under which auto Rikshaw, Cycles are being provided to registered Fishermen and Trout and carp units will be constructed in pvt. Sector to increase the fish Production. A part from this the Department is having proposal of Mega project funded by NHPC, under which one trout unit and one Trout hatchery will be constructed at Gureez and Bandipora Localities of District Bandipora.

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